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Al-Bahira Middle Eastern Dance Theater Mirah is artistic director for this professional dance performance troupe. Al-Bahira's performance troupe presents theatrical shows, special events, cultural presentations and more. Aalim School of Dance (Al-Bahira's educational partner) offers weekly classes and special workshops.



On Facebook: Mirah Ammal & Al-Bahira Friends & Fans Page and Al-Bahira/Aalim School Group Mirah and the Al-Bahira's Facebook fan page includes events, videos, performance information, and opportunities for our friends and fans here and around the world to connect. The Al-Bahira/Aalim School group has a discussion board plus classes and events listings and info about other places our dancers are teaching and performing.




Middle Eastern Dance, Music, and Culture Resources


Mizna is a Twin Cities-based organization whose mission is to bring Arab American arts to life, to support the vision of Arab American artists, and to reflect a depth, breadth, and humanity of Arabs everywhere. Mizna publishes an award-winning literary journal, sponsors an annual Arab Film Festival, plus music, poetry, and literary events throughout the year. They also offer language classes.


Gilded Serpent An online magazine for Middle Eastern dancers published out of the San Francisco Bay area. A great resource for information, articles, and reviews.


IAMED ( - Belly Dance DVDs, History, Photos, Events and More!


Ja's Middle Eastern Drum Rhythms Page A resource for learning and identifying Middle Eastern drum rhythms. a very helpful site that contains articles, listings and more.


Zaghareet! An American Belly Dance magazine. Zaghareet provides interviews with American and foreign dancers, Middle Eastern artists, and other professionals, plus regular columns by American writers in the U.S. and Cairo. More of a special-interest belly dance website than a Middle Eastern culture, dance or music resource, this site is devoted to addressing the questions, concerns and inspirations of plus-sized dancers. Definitely worth a visit! The forums on Bhuz are an excellent place for social networking with other dancers around the country and around the world, and the Swap Meet is a great place to pick up second hand costumes and supplies. You can also find information about events and discussions about issues in dance. A meta-resource. Oriental Dancer contains links to articles on other resource sites, some proprietary articles, and dancer forums and chat rooms.






Costumes, Dance Supplies, and Percussion Supplies


Audrena's Based in Illinois, Audrena imports Middle Eastern dance costumes and supplies. She has an exclusive relationship with Pharonics of Egypt for her costumes and takes special orders. This vendor imports costumes by noted designers including Eman Zaki, Sahar Okasha, Hanan, Raqia Hassan, and others. New costumes in a variety of price ranges. SWAP MEET This is an excellent place to find deals on previously-loved belly dance costumes and accessories. The sellers are other dancers, and though it is not possible to try on the costumes in advance, most sellers are provide photos, descriptions, and detailed measurements of their merchandise, and are willing to answer questions. Generally considered a safer bet than e-Bay.


Dahlal International Based in St. Louis, Dahlal is among the largest distributors and importers of Middle Eastern dance costumes and supplies in the country. Mirah is also a consignment vendor for Dahlal, and carries a limited inventory of hipscarves and supplies here in Minneapolis.


Grand Jete Located in St. Paul, this is a great local source for general dance supplies such as leotards and dance shoes for practice. They carry a full selection of jazz and lyric shoes, ballet slippers, and products designed to cover the ball of the foot while leaving the toes and heels free.


Groth Music Groth in Bloomington, MN carries a limited selection of Arabic and Turkish percussion instruments including basic tabla and doumbek models.


Little Egypt Little Egypt (DeeDee Asad and family) bring some of the top names from Egypt to the U.S., and also import beautiful costumes, clothing, music, videos, and household decor products from Egypt. They're also wonderful people.


Maqam Online store for music CDs, instructional DVDs, and Middle Eastern films.


SaraCura Jewelry, scarves, DVDs, finger cymbals, half-sole dance shoes, gifts, tribal goods, and other wonderful things! Sarah is also a henna artist.


Village Bazaar Located in Milwaukee, WI, Abdulhamid Alwan and his wife who import goods from around the world. Hamid also is a much sought-after master drum maker, crafting frame drums, riqs, tabla belady, and a limited line of clay tabla. A limited selection of instruments is available in-store, but he takes orders for new production.






Other Minneapolis-St. Paul Artists, and Organizations


Guild of Oriental Dance An organization based in Minnesota. Established in the 1980s to help support the art form and build community among the dancers and clubs in the area, its members include student, hobbyist and professional dancers and musicians.


Saharan Nights A Twin Cities-based band playing Arabic Popular and Contemporary music with a mix of classic Light Classical Music of the 60's and 70's, Debke from Lebanon, and music from the Gulf Region.


Totally Northern Tribal Based in the Twin Cities, TNT specializes in improvisational group tribal style performance. Their diverse band of performers are beautiful people inside and out.


UnderCrypt Musician Keith Spears is the crypt keeper of this site, devoted to his ethereal, eerie music developed for movement. Mr. Undercrypt is also the leader of local band Invocatio, which includes, among it's member musicians, percussionist "Dr. D."







Dancers and Musician Friends Elsewhere


Alimah - Seattle, WA. A dance teacher and delightful performer. Be sure to visit the "costume closet" page on her website to drool over the pretty Bellas.


Samantha Fairuz - Milwaukee, WI. A beautiful dancer and instructor from one of my hometowns, and director of the Safar Dance Company.


Nadirah Johara - Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. An wonderful dancer and devotee of the artform.


Suhail Kaspar - Los Angeles, CA. A master percussionist, Suhail is an excellent performer and drumming instructor.


Nicole LeCorgne - New York, NY. An American-born percussionist, photographer and ethnomusicologist, Nicole is spending the 2008-2009 academic year in Egypt working on a photodocumentary about musical life in Cairo.


Lauren's - Belleville, IL. This site includes articles, info, how-tos, reviews, free clip art and postcards.


Mariyah - New York, NY. A very talented dancer, and a lovely person!


Sahra Saeeda - Los Angeles, CA. A master dancer who danced in Cairo through the 1990s. Sahra is a wonderful teacher, a delightful person, and one of my inspirations in the dance.


Samira Shuruk - Washington DC area. Samira performs and teaches belly dance and bollywood styles. Her site also offers resources for dancers including standard rates lists.






Other Vendors, Businesses, and Friends


Little Egypt Productions Little Egypt (DeeDee Asad and family) bring some of the top names from Egypt to the U.S., and also import beautiful costumes, clothing, music, videos, and household decor products from Egypt. They're also wonderful people.


PCLM Photography Pamela specializes in pet photography, stock photography, and portraits. She also photographs dancers and Middle Eastern-themed items.


Shiraz Fire Roasted Cuisine (Persian restaurant) Mirah is one of the house dancers at this charming local restaurant in South Minneapolis, and the cuisine is really unique. They're still working on getting their website together, but in the meantime, this link will take you to the belly dance schedule and other information.


Casablanca Middle Eastern Restaurant Restaurant Located in Milwaukee, WI, Casablanca on Brady features dancing on Friday nights.


Social Grid transforms Google into a free online networking community.




Decidio Wedding, Party, and Event Planning.


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