Red and Gold Egyptian Costume


Designed by Pharonics of Egypt, this beautiful costume photographs well, moves well and looks fantastic under lights.

It comes with skirt-in-one, bra, veil, arm bands with bell sleeves, an anklet, a headband and a hair comb with gold flower (never worn.) There are also detachable short sleeves (which I am not wearing in the photos, but you can see it with the sleeves in a different color below in a photo from Dahlal.)

Price: $450 U.S. plus shipping.



The costume is very gently used, and there is no bead loss. I wore it for photos, but beyond that I have only danced in it a handful of times. Basically, the only reason I'm selling is that, though it is a beautiful costume, I've never been excited about the way the bras from this particular designer fit on my particular frame, and so I haven't worn it in at least 8 months. 


Sizing Info:

This costume has an elasticized skirt top and some stretch to the fabric, plus room for adjustment in the bra, and additional fabric at the hemline to adjust length.

The costume would likely fit from 32-B (with pads) to 36C or 38B, and up to a 36" top-of-hip measurement. Length could be easily adjusted to fit a dancer 5' to 5' 5", depending hip fit and your length preferences.

Those of you who know me know that I'm personally a little on the smaller side (5'3", size 32C bra and 33" at the top-of-hip-belt line), but this costume is fairly simple to adjust out to the size mentioned above.  Basically, it's actually a little big on me. there is a good 1 to 1-1/4 inches of hem that could be let down (I have long legs for my height and wear my skirts long or dragging so someone a good 2-3 inches taller would work, depending on the preferred fit.) I had the bra hooks/straps are overlapped by 4-5 inches in back and about 1-2" at the neck, plus there is room for padding. I had also cinched the elastic in the top of the skirt to bring it in in further, and have let that back out.
















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