Blue and Silver Skirt and Veil/Cape Set



Designed by an up and coming designer in Egypt, this skirt and veil/cape set is made of high quality materials and well-strung, smooth-edged beads.

The skirt is heavy royal blue crepe chiffon in the classic three-panel Egyptian style edged with a dense circular trim of silver-lined beads.

The veil/cape is made of the same materials. Two long triangles, edged with the same beading, and gathered in the center with a decorative cluster of blue and silver perlescent teardrop beads to hold the cape at your neck.

Price: $60 U.S. plus shipping.




The skirt is in very good condition. The bat wing veil is in like-new condition. 

The skirt has been worn a few times, mainly for short, indoor performances on clean floors. The bat wing veil has only been used once for a short entrance.



Sizing Info:

The skirt is 35" long with an elasticized waist/hip band.

















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