NEW Red Performance Skirt

Beautiful shiny red skirt with chiffon gores and gold sequin trim. Looks great onstage, and will have great shine under lights, and perfect for students, avocational dancers, troupes, or pros who want an extra skirt to go with that certain costume.


Size:    I wouldn't call this a small. I'd call it a medium to petite-large. For a "professional" looking, more "trumpet" like fit in this skirt, one probably needs more booty than a typical "small" (definitely more than the model in this picture has.) For a student look or a looser, fuller skirt fit, a small may be ok, but if you want a snug/smooth fit and that mermaid look, you'll need at least a 40" lower hip (it is 40 wide unstretched below the elasticized band. Stretched you can get another 2-4" depending on your comfort level and build.) Because there are gores, only one seam, and this type of fabric doesn't adapt well to alterations, taking it in/letting it out much isn't recommended.

The elastic on the upper hip is 24" unstretched, but it is soft and stretches a LOT very easily--goes up to about 38" without problem. Actually, looks better stretched more--I'm guessing probably best around 36-38. Again, because of the nature of the fabric, if the upper hip is too small, you may end up with a lot of fabric gathered right under the elastic (pulled down to my 33" point, I had excessive bunching...)

Keep in mind: the length is 36" but if you stretch at all across the hips some of that length will come up.

Condition:   New, never worn. I bought this skirt for myself, but it was too big for me and for the look I was going for.

Price:  $65. Will include shipping within the U.S.

















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