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For Dancers and Students

A collection of information, tips, musings, opinions, advice, and stories from the point of view of one Middle Eastern Dance instructor and performer.


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Long Distance Dance: Studying Without an Instructor *NEW*

Dancer's Essentials: What You Need to Be Prepared *NEW*

Making the Most of Your Classroom Experience


Bride's Journal: Weddings and Marriage

Why weddings and marriage on a dance site? Admittedly, the connection is loose, but I meet many brides in my work, (through teaching and performance at weddings and parties. Few things in a woman's life are as terrifying, joyous, challenging, and rewarding as uniting with another human being. In my experience, the support and reassurance of other women is critical. A good sense of humor helps a lot too. I wrote the initial essays while preparing for for my own wedding in 2002. Others follow in time.

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My Life In Meringue (or "How to know you found "the one")

A Public Apology *NEW*










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